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Лондон Джек Love of Life and Other Stories

Джек Лондон

152стр.&&Мягкая обложка , 2017 г.

This collection of eight short stories written during his Klondike" period, has become a trademark of London's work. The title story Love of Life follows the trek of a prospector across the Canadian tundra. Other stories include The Story of Keesh; A Day's Lodging; Negore, the Coward; The Sun Dog Tr  

Конан Д. А. The Lost World

Артур Конан Дойл

310стр.&&Мягкая обложка , 2017 г.

The plot of the novel The Lost World (1912) describes an expedition to a plateau in the Amazon basin where prehistoric animals still survive, led by a charismatic leading character Professor Challenger. The novel also describes a war between indigenous people and a vicious tribe of ape-like creature  

Вирджиния Вульф To the Lighthouse

Вирджиния Вульф

238стр.&&Мягкая обложка , 2017 г.

Following the tradition of modernist novelists, the plot of To the Lighthouse" (1927) is secondary to its philosophical introspection - the novel includes little dialogue and almost no action; most of it is written as thoughts and observations. Among the book's many themes are those of loss, subject  

Драйзер Т. Sister Carrie

Теодор Драйзер

490стр.&&Мягкая обложка , 2017 г.

Sister Carrie (1900) tells the story of a young country girl who moves to the big city where she starts realizing her own American Dream, first as a kept woman, and later becoming a famous actress. Sister Carrie has been called the greatest of all American urban novels."  

This Side of Paradise

308стр.&&Мягкая обложка , 2017 г.

This Side of Paradise (1920) is F. Scott Fitzgerald's debut novel. The book examines the lives and morality of post-World War I youth. Its protagonist, Amory Blaine, is an attractive Princeton University student who dabbles in literature. The novel explores the theme of love warped by greed and stat  

Редьярд Джозеф Киплинг Kim

Редьярд Джозеф Киплинг

300стр.&&Мягкая обложка , 2017 г.

The story of Kim (1901) unfolds against the backdrop of the political conflict between Russia and Britain in Central Asia known as The Great Came. The novel is notable for its detailed portrait of the people, culture, and varied religions of India. The book presents a vivid picture of India, its tee  

Страницы:  [1] 10  >>

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