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Сьюзен Сонтаг In America

Сьюзен Сонтаг

392стр.&&Мягкая обложка , 2009 г.

In America" is a kaleidoscopic portrait of America on the cusp of modernity. As she did in her enormously popular novel "The Volcano Lover," Susan Sontag casts a story located in the past in a fresh, provocative light to create a fictional world full of contemporary resonance.
In 1876 a group o  

Эйн Ренд Ideal: The Novel and the Play

Эйн Ренд

254стр.&150x230&Твердый переплет , 2015 г.

A unique volume that includes both the original novel version of Ideal, and the story's final incarnation as a play. Ideal follows actress Kay Gonda as she pleads for help from six of her most avid fans: an upstanding family man, an activist, an artist, an evangelist, a wealthy playboy, and a lost s  

Сэлинджеp Джером Дэвид For Esme - with Love and Squalor

Джером Дэвид Сэлинджер

160стр.&&Мягкая обложка , 2010 г.

For Esme with Love and Squalor includes two of Salinger's most famous and critically acclaimed stories, and helped to establish him as one of the contemporary literary greats. The title story recounts a Sergeant's meeting with a young girl before being sent into combat. When it was first published i  

Ник Хорнби Fever Pitch

Ник Хорнби

256стр.&110x180&Твердый переплет , 2014 г.

Nick Hornby has been a soccer fan since the moment he was conceived. FEVER PITCH is his tribute to a lifelong obsession. Part autobiography, part comedy, part incisive analysis of insanity, Hornby's award-winning memoir captures the fever pitch of fandom - its agony and ecstasy, its community, its d  

Лорен Грофф Fates and Furies

Лорен Грофф

400стр.&130x197&Твердый переплет , 2016 г.

Fates and Furies is a literary masterpiece that defies expectation. A dazzling examination of a marriage, it is also a portrait of creative partnership written by one of the best writers of her generation. Every story has two sides. Every relationship has two perspectives. And sometimes, it turns ou  


Джонатан Сафран Фоер

288стр.&110x180&Твердый переплет , 2016 г.

Everything Is Illuminated" is Jonathan Safran Foer's bestselling novel of a search for truth. It is the inspiration for the Liev Schreiber film, starring Elijah Wood. A young man arrives in the Ukraine, clutching in his hand a tattered photograph. He is searching for the woman who fifty years ago sa  

English Explorer 3 (DVD)

стр.&&Твердый переплет , 2011 г.

DVD includes eight National Geographic videos full of fascinating people, places and customs.
1. Monkey college
2. Urban art
3. Paraguay shaman
4. Solar power
5. Man's best friend
6. The moon
7. Inca mummy
8. Swimming with sharks

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